September 29, 2014
Brookdale Beat

The New iPhones Have Arrived!

iphone6This week we’re spilling the beans on the iPhone 6!

It’s the newest, hottest craze that keeps all its lucky owners up at night. Apple sold more than one million phones in the first week, but there were still people who couldn’t get their hands on one (even though they really wanted to!). I heard that Chloe’s friend tried to buy one and was told it would be a whole month before she could get it! Don’t you think that’s insane?!

From what we gather, there are two versions of the new iPhone: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 Plus totally looks like a mini tablet—just like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Nokia Lumia 1520. I’m not sure if I want such a huge phone on my face when I call my friends, but, hey, some people love it!

In our opinion, the iPhone 6 is much better (and much more manageable unless you have huge pockets!). It’s extremely slim and lightweight and, even though it’s much bigger than the iPhone 5, it can still totally fit in Zee’s skinny jean pockets! Plus, the camera and video quality on this device is even better than the last, which is awesome because we can take a ton of group selfies at our jam sessions and record all Zee’s new songs. Just like the last iPhone, it still has the slow-motion feature, which we use to make really cool videos. The amount of storage offered is HUGE, because there is a 64-GB version and a 128-GB version—so there is a lot more room for more pics and more apps and more music! And even though this phone can do a lot of amazing things, the battery life is still really impressive.

Of course, with great new products come a few flaws. There are some bugs in the software that are bugging people. (Ha. Ha. Punny.) So we’ll just sit tight while the geniuses work them out, and then we will grab the next instantly available phone!

What do you guys think? Will you get a new iPhone 6? Or perhaps an iPhone 6 Plus?

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