July 10, 2015
Extra! Extra!

The Giving Keys


Photo from Flickr user Kate Williams

Who knew that jewelry could be so powerful? Actor and singer Caitlin Crosby started to change what it means to give back when she wore a hotel key around her neck. She had already been traveling the country taking photos of people with signs that read “Love Your Flaws” and other inspirational things. So, one day she asked a locksmith to engrave this saying into her key. She, then, asked him to engrave other inspirational words to thousands of other old keys. This was the start of The Giving Keys.

The keys sold out so quickly. So, she decided to do more with the project. She would sell them to people who needed words of encouragement and request that, when they don’t need it anymore, they pass the key on to someone else who does. Caitlin asked everyone to send her their stories and she received thousands and thousands of inspiring tales.

Once Caitlin started hiring employees to help her sell the keys, she took the giving back aspect of her organization to a whole new level. Many of her employees were homeless or struggling and, with her help, they were back on their feet and living in their own apartments.

Read more about The Giving Keys and see Caitlin’s Ted Talk here.

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Maura A.

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