June 25, 2014
Ask Ally

Should I text him?? His friend gave me his number and I want to know if he likes me! – Nabbed-A-Number

Dear Nabbed-A-Number,

Okay, listen up. DO NOT TEXT HIM. I know you want to, but don’t. Here are a few reasons why:

1. He didn’t give you his number himself. Even if he is one of the shy types, he could have found a way to let you know he wanted to talk to you – like, uh, telling his friend!

2. If you text him, you’ll be stuck waiting for a return text. This actually happened to me! When I was still living in Brookdale, I had a crush on a soccer player named Todd and I had the bright idea to send him a text that said “Do you like me, yes or no?” – and then he didn’t respond. I checked my phone nonstop for days and I felt sooo dumb. So save yourself and don’t do it!

3. You are not that girl. And by “that girl,” I mean the one who texts boys and goes crazy over whether they like you or not. Focus on yourself, your interests, your academics, and then finding some guys you can be friends with, because they are THE BEST people to ask when you want to know if a guy likes you. Jasper, Marcus, and Landon are great for that.

By the way, Landon eventually broke the news to me that Todd was totally freaked out my text and that he was crushing on another girl. I was so embarrassed, but at least I got the bad news from a good friend.


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