August 25, 2014
Ask Ally

School starts soon, and I have a few things I want to buy—but I spent most of my allowance this summer! Help! -Too Broke

Dear Too Broke,

That’s okay! Of course, the number one tip for you is to keep track of how you spend your money and to spend it more carefully! Try to resist those small purchases if you don’t need them, even though it may be difficult (and even if that pair of shoes is super cute!).

But if you’re looking for some extra spending money ASAP and don’t want to wait for birthday money or your allowance, maybe it’s time to look into making a few extra bucks. Obviously, we aren’t old enough to go out and get jobs yet—but that can’t stop us! I’ve been babysitting for our neighbors, and I have a friend who makes customized bookmarks to sell to her friends and classmates. There are a lot of things that you can do to help others and your piggybank at the same time, like walking dogs, mowing lawns, or even having a garage sale! There’s still time, so good luck!


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