July 6, 2015
Style 101

Pool Party Chic: The One-Piece Swimsuit

This season, one-piece bathing suits are so in. But, it’s difficult for us teens because we JUST got out of wearing one-pieces and, I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking to return to dressing like my 5 year-old self. So, here are two ways to pull of the one-piece bathing suit this summer.

First, I chose a vintage one-piece. This makes the look interesting and not just like you’re still a little girl. It’s also super fun to accessorize. I chose this adorable headband and some white espadrilles. I also added a chic bucket backpack to add a little bit of 2015 to look. So trendy!

Another way to rock the one-piece is to work with cutouts. Cutouts are super trendy in dresses, tops, and even bathing suits. The swimsuit I chose has a huge cutout in the middle, making it almost look like a bikini (bonus!). Everyone will be so intrigued by the style of your suit – they will love it! I paired the suit with a sheer cover-up to show off the bright orange color of the suit. Add a crazy print and metallic sandal and you are good to go!

Show me how you’re wearing a one-piece on Instagram @mackenzieblueseries using the hashtag #KathisOnePieceWonder #SummerSwimsuits #Cutouts #vintage #SwimsuitTrends

Maura A.

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