June 20, 2014

P.S. – I made this… Splatter Necklace


Whether you’re a Jackson Pollock aficionado or couldn’t get enough of Spin Art as a kid, there’s no denying the positive impact of colorful and energetic splatters of paint. Add an unexpected addition to your outfit with jewelry inspired by designer Tom Binns‘ splatter-effect Spring 2013 collection. This artistic wow-factor will makes you want to celebrate and paint the town. So bring out your inner DIY expressionist and turn an old accessory into a fresh work of art!

To create: Select an assortment of paint colors. The more colors, the more layers you’ll have. To keep a tidy space, use newspaper or a drop cloth. Pour a dollop of paint onto a protective surface and dab a paint brush; flick onto a statement necklace, we opted for a chunky rhinestone version. Take your next color and repeat. Try different brushes for an array of speckled effects. Once finished, let completely dry before wearing.

Post by Erica from P.S. – I made this…

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