November 5, 2014

P.S. I made this Jewelry Plaque

Already checked off all of your New Year’s resolutions? Kisses and kudos to you…but that means it’s time for a new challenge: Get. Organized. And we don’t mean refolding all of those balled up vintage t-shirts in the middle drawer…sometimes the best way to maintain order is by putting your precious collectibles on display for all to see. Case in point, this simple n’ chic jewelry plaque that turns your wearable art into wall art. Throw in the colorful pop of nail polish, and it’s time to think outside the (jewelry) box for good!

To create: Apply an even coat of acrylic paint to a wooden plaque using a paint brush. Coat each hook in a different color nail polish. P.S.- we used Essie’s Mint Candy AppleButler Please and St.Lucia Lilac. Let dry completely, then use an electric screwdriver to fasten the hooks to the plaques with screws. Touch up the screws with a dab of nail polish. Create multiple plaques to hang on your wall, then organize your jewelry for a guaranteed piece of wall art that will catch anyone’s eye!


By: P.S. I made this…

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