July 28, 2015

Organizational DIYs

DIYs are super fun to do with your friends on the weekend. But, sometimes I use my DIYs for practical uses. In this case, I use them to organize! Here are some of my favorite organizational DIY projects!

DIY Painted Berry Baskets (project and photo from Lovely Indeed)


This one is super easy!

All you have to do is find some old berry baskets and pick out a favorite color of spray paint. I love the gold used in this project!

Spray the baskets all one color and enjoy!

If you want to go even further, wait for the first coat to dry and use tape and more paint colors to come up with different, fun patterns!

Magnetic Makeup Board (project and photo from J House Tawk)


This is so convenient!

First, find an unused picture frame and remove everything from it until you just have the frame part.

Next, insert a large piece of metal and make sure it’s secure.

Once you’re done, apply small magnetic circles to the back of your makeup so it sticks to the metal. Voila! Makeup at your fingertips!

Chalkboard Wall Calendar (project and photo from Martha Stewart)


This one looks so cool, but definitely make sure your parents are good with you painting your wall and ready to assist if necessary! Safety first!

Start by choosing 2-3 colors of chalkboard paint.

Make a square with painter’s tape and fill it in with your paint. Continue, alternating pain colors. This will look so nice on the wall!

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Maura A.

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