July 16, 2015
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One Small Step for Carli, One Giant Leap for Women

As a soccer fanatic myself, I was religiously watching the World Cup the other week. That thing is no joke in my house. I could not have been more proud of my fellow girls! #GIRLPOWER Each of the women on the U.S. team has worked unbelievably hard all season and it totally paid off. I mean, just five minutes into the game everyone knew who would win!

We need to talk about Carli…

So, she basically won the game for the whole team by scoring 3 of the team’s 5 goals. This is called a hat trick in soccer, and Carli is the first woman in the history of Women’s Soccer to complete one during a game. Not only did Carli make history, but she did it within 20 minutes – WHOA.

I want to congratulate the entire women’s team and the Japan team! They were quite the competition during the second half and definitely challenged the U.S. team.

Who is a powerful woman in your life? Let me know on Twitter @MackenzieBlue using the hashtags #GirlPower #Inspiration #MissysMoments #WorldCup #Winning

Maura A.

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