July 30, 2015
Around The World

Not Your Typical Journey To Success

Nice cobblestone stree in Antigua, Guatemala. ISO 100, 56mm, f8, 1/250. Tonemapped in Photomatix Details Enhancer. Nik Pro Contrast, Tonal Contrast and Viveza to brighten church, darken coblestone and make the blue bluer in the sky.

Photo from Wikipedia

You HAVE TO read this story! I can’t believe everything this kid went through to get to L.A. He came all the way from Guatemala just so he could have a better chance in life. He walked many miles and traveled across a river, and now he has found his place at the piano. His name is Marvin Velasco. He left his family and hometown to travel with his brother-in-law to Los Angeles, CA. He was almost entirely motivated by his dream of success in America.

After reading Marvin’s story, I’m not sure I would be able to do the same thing he did. He’s such an inspiration and he is living proof that if you set your mind on something, you can accomplish it.

Read more about Marvin’s story here.

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Maura A.

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