December 11, 2014
Extra! Extra!

Nick Mara Reaches Out

I’ve always been really big on community service. I love making others happy and helping people out in times of need or when it’s not expected. This past year I’ve linked up with a company called It hosts campaigns everyone can be a part of. Some of my favorites have been “Teens for Jeans,” which includes running a gently used jeans drive at my school, and “Grandparents Gone Wired,” where we taught an elderly person how to use an iPhone, iPad, or other tech item. Last year I taught my grandpop how to use both an iPad and an iPhone! This year I will be doing “Love Letters” with Do Something and another organization called Mentor Up. I hope everyone joins me!


Let me know how you’re giving back this Christmas on Twitter @MackenzieBlue and send a few selfies on Instagram and send to @MackenzieBlueSeries with the hashtags #MackenzieBlue #NickMara #MackenzieBlueWithNickMara #ExtraExtra #NickAndMackenzieGiveBack #DoSomething #TeensForJeans #MentorUp #CommunityService #Charity.

Nick Mara

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