November 21, 2014
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It’s all About Giving!

charityIt’s All About Giving!

Now we are officially right around the corner from Thanksgiving Day and, while you think about turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, we also want you to remember that the ultimate purpose of the day is to give thanks in any way you can.

So, this week on Around the World, we are featuring India. According to a recent report, India has the largest number of voluntary givers in the world! Based on this report, more than 180 million people in India have been supporting nonprofit organizations. Isn’t that amazing?!

Even though you usually hear about this country’s economic boom, India has also been on the rise when it comes to generosity and kindness. In the past two years, they have climbed twenty-four places in the World Giving Index, which ranks countries based on charitable behavior. Plus, more than 90 million people in India performed an act of kindness, and more than 340 million people went out of their way to help a stranger in 2013.

These guys are doing something right, because that is a lot of thoughtfulness and selflessness! I think all the other countries should follow India’s lead and keep pushing themselves to be more kind and generous—don’t you? To help your country follow suit, take a moment and donate a bit of your time or money to a good cause. I promise you that it’ll be worth it . . . and what better time to start than Thanksgiving season?

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Photo Credit: Charity Aids Foundation

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