April 17, 2015

Make Money During the Summer

Photo from Flickr user Amy Gizienski

Photo from Flickr user Amy Gizienski

It’s so hard to find a job, especially as a 14-year-old or even younger. I have come up with some fool-proof ways to earn money in the summer without actually getting hired at a job.

Lemonade Stand

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it really works. Summer only means one thing: heat! Tons of people are thirsty and sweating all day from the heat and would die for a lemonade on their way home from work. If you find a nice, busy spot and pick the right time of day, you’d be surprised at how many people stop by.

Mow the Lawn

Help out your parents and neighbors by mowing the lawn. They definitely aren’t looking forward to working in the hot sun after a long day at work. They would surely be willing to pay a little money for someone else to do it for them.


Even if you don’t get hired as a babysitter, you could be a “mother’s helper” which is someone who takes care of the kids while the mom does other household or work related tasks. Plus you get to play with kids all day – best job ever!

Become A Dog-Walker

Just like your neighbors who don’t want to mow the lawn, there are plenty of neighbors who don’t want to walk their dogs. Walk around your neighborhood and ask anyone who has a dog if they would like to use your dog-walking services. The tricky part is trying to manage five dogs at once!

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Maura A. 

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