August 3, 2014
Ask Ally

I’m trying to get in shape for my super cute bathing suit this summer. What should I do to stay fit? —Slimming for Summer

Dear Slimming for Summer,

I’ve had the same question in the past, and don’t worry! I have a few tricks and reminders that you can keep in mind when you get ready to rock your bathing suit at pool parties and the beach this summer:

1. Eat right: Pay attention to what you put into your body. Even though you may already exercise or play sports regularly, it is still important to have the right amount of healthy foods every day. You should eat large amount of fruits and vegetables, and don’t eat too many desserts! Remember to pay attention to portion size so you don’t under-eat or overeat!

2. Exercise regularly: Try to find a way to get a good amount of exercise into your day. The easiest way is to join a sport at school, but if that’s not your thing, then there are other ways to get exercise. One of my friends is getting into all the fitness videos on YouTube because she can just use them to work out without even leaving her house!

3. Develop healthy habits: Try to switch to simple but healthy habits that will help you every day. For instance, instead of using the elevators every day, just walk. Consider riding your bike to school! Switching to easy habits can be fun and super healthy, too.

4. Have a positive attitude! Just because you want to get in shape, you shouldn’t put yourself down or be disappointed with yourself if you do not see results right away. Keeping a positive attitude toward your exercise and diet habits will keep you happy and healthy!

Good luck!

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