April 14, 2015

How To Plan the Perfect Pool Party

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Step 1 – 

Invitations are so important, obviously. If you don’t send out invitations, no one will come! There are tons of websites that allow you to customize your very own invitations! You can also send out E-vites or make a Facebook event.

Step 2 – 

Make sure you plan out what food you will have for the big day. I prefer heading to the grocery store a few days before the party and picking out a ton of snacks. My dad usually barbecues so I’ll also get some hamburgers and hot dogs for him to cook – yum!

Step 3 – 

Music is so important at a party – it completely sets the mood! I spent an entire week putting together the perfect playlist (you can find it on my YouTube channel). Get some of your friends to help you out and your playlist will surely be the perfect background music.

Step 4 – 

You don’t want your guests to be bored! So head to your local party supply store and pick up some fun party games. A pool party is especially fun because there are so many more activities you can do like water balloon fights, cannonball contests, and ‘Apple Smear’ (have you ever seen Cheaper By The Dozen?)


Make a collage of your pool party pics and share them with me by Tweeting and Instagramming @MackenzieBlue using the hashtage #PartyingWithZee 

Maura A. 

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