July 13, 2015

Frilly Flip Flops


Photo from Pinterest user: LeeAnn Fink

Flip-flops are my go-to shoe in the warmer seasons. They’re super easy to put on and definitely comfortable. But, sometimes they can be a little boring to wear. So, I have discovered a new way to amp up your boring flip-flops!

First, find an old or cheap pair of flip-flops, like these.

Then, go to a fabric store and pick up about 1/2 – 1 yard of your favorite print of fabric. You can do a crazy print, classy print or even a solid color!

Cut the fabric into strips.

Once all of the fabric is cut, start tying the strips onto the flip-flops. Make sure to tie them close together, or it won’t come out as fluffy. And, there you go! Now you have the new, coolest accessory this season!

Show me your Frilly Flip-Flops on Instagram @MackenzieBlueSeries using the hashtags #ChloesDIY #DIYFlipFlops #ZeesFlipFlops #SummerDIY

Maura A.

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