April 15, 2015

Favorite Spring Activities



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After being cooped up inside the house all winter long, I am dying to get outside and have some fun. These are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy the nice weather in the upcoming months.

Have A Picnic

This one is obvious, but it’s often overlooked. A picnic is such an easy way to spice up your spring day. Just pack up some sandwiches and snacks and head to your favorite park or lake and enjoy the gorgeous view while you eat. Don’t forget some extra bread for the ducks!

Plant A Garden

If you’re like me and your spring or summer break gets rather boring, try planting a garden. It will fill your days with fun activity. I love going to the store and picking out the different flowers I want to plant. I usually get really creative with the layout and colors. It’s so much fun!

Go For A Bike Ride

Whether you’re by yourself or with the whole family, riding bikes is so enjoyable. I love feeling the cool wind against me on a warm day and the scenery is so beautiful in the springtime. You can either just go for a quick ride, or head to your favorite ice cream shop with some friends.

Play Apple Smear

I have always wanted to play this game after seeing it in the movie Cheaper By The Dozen. All you have to do is get some apples (preferably older ones that are soft and will easily break) and a couple of tennis rackets. Set up a pitcher and a batter and have fun watching it rain apple pieces! But, make sure your parents know about it before they come home to an apple-covered backyard… that won’t be good.


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Maura A.

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