July 31, 2015
Brookdale Beat

Favorite New TV Shows


Girl Meets World – Disney Channel

My older friends and parents always talk about Boy Meets World, but I have no clue what that is – I watch Girl Meets World and it’s amazing! Cory and Topanga are so hilarious and their daughter, Riley, is so awesome! She is definitely one of the coolest girls I know.

Repeat After Me – ABC

If you’re ever in a bad mood, just turn this show on and you will be instantly happy. I laugh until my stomach hurts every single time I watch Repeat After Me. But, that’s to be expected considering Ellen DeGeneres is the producer – duh!

Talia In The Kitchen – Nickelodeon

I wish I were as good as Talia is with cooking! I mean, I would just never leave the kitchen – lol. If only I had some magic ingredients like she does.

Best Friends Whenever – Disney Channel

There are only a few episodes of this show on TV so far, but I absolutely love it! Watching Shelby and Cyd master and use their powers is so inspiring! They make me want to get up and conquer the world. Just watch, you’ll see what I mean. Man, Disney Channel can do no wrong.

Cake Wars – Food Network

Now, if you’re going to watch this show, you have to do it right before dinner because you will be STARVING! If you know what Cupcake Wars is, this is basically the same thing, but with whole cakes. It’s so good! Not only do I love watching to see who wins, but also to get some great new baking ideas. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Maura A.

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