September 23, 2014
Ask Ally

Even when I tell myself not to, it always seems like I end up putting off my work! Do you have any tips for procrastination? —Procrastination Nation

Dear Procrastination Nation,

I totally get it. Whether it’s trying to finish homework or finishing a book or practicing a sport, it’s sometimes difficult to face big goals head on because they can be super-daunting, and it is so easy to procrastinate when it seems like we have forever to ourselves!

My secret tip for you is to break up your big goal into mini goals, because then the big goal is much more manageable! Aim to read a certain number of pages or practice for a certain number of hours per day or per week. And if you’re super-forgettable (like I am sometimes), use cute Post-its on your bathroom mirror or the fridge to remind you of your mini goals!

Au Revoir For Now,


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