Editorial Staff

Maura Aleardi
Marketing Intern

Maura is a freshman at Ithaca College in New York majoring in Journalism.  She is a dedicated fashion blogger with a strong passion for style and creative writing.  Maura currently has a major role at Buzz assisting in curating the Mackenzie Blue website, while also acting as the main editor for the fashion and beauty columns.  Maura also offers her general creative expertise in other areas of marketing.  Her dream job is to be the editor of Vogue one day, but for now she’s perfectly happy writing for Buzz and keeping up with the latest trends at the mall!

shiplaShilpa Soundararajan
Social Media Intern

Shilpa is a graduate of Temple University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communications. With her professional experience in city government, news media, marketing, public affairs, film production, and education, she continually searches for a way to integrate her passions and utilize her skills to the fullest extent.

sionaSiona Stone

Siona Stone is a 2014 graduate of Ithaca College. She received a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts and also has a minor in Writing. She focuses on theater for social change and how to combine that kind of performance art with education.  Siona will continue to take on leadership roles in activism and educational outreach while also investing her time in her own independent projects.