December 10, 2014

DIY Gifts

roomDIY Spa Essentials

Lip Scrub
Brown sugar
A few drops of vanilla extract (for flavor)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until you are satisfied with the consistency. Then spoon the mixture into a small bowl or jar for your friends to enjoy!

Body Scrub
Sea salts
Oil (baby oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil)

Mix the sea salts and an oil of your choice together. Let the mixture sit in a covered bowl for about twenty-four hours. Then add some cute bows and tags to the jar. Now it’s ready for gifting!

DIY Candle
Candle wicks (twist two together for extra-long burning time)
Jar or mug (heat-safe)
Vegetable shortening
Crayons or food dye (for coloring)
Essential oils (for scent)
Soy wax

First, in a heat-safe bowl or measuring cup, mix one cup of shortening with one half to one crayon for coloring. Keep checking on the color, adding different combinations until you are happy with the final color.  Then add a couple of drops of essential oil for the scent. The more drops, the stronger your scent will be. Next, glue the candle wick(s) to the bottom of your jar or mug so it doesn’t float around. Pour the mixture into the mug and let it solidify in the refrigerator.  Finally, melt the soy wax just enough so that it is soft and manageable, but not liquid. It should resemble ricotta cheese. Smooth the wax over your candle once it’s completely solid, and voilà! Your gift is complete.

DIY Room Decor
Mod Podge
Decorative paper (sheet music, scrapbooking paper, etc)
Sticky letters

Start by placing the decorative paper all over your canvas with the Mod Podge. Let it dry.  Then arrange the letters on the canvas in a saying or word you like. Once the letters are all placed the way you want, paint the rest of the canvas. You can paint a cool design or pattern or your friend’s favorite color.  Once the entire canvas is painted, remove the letters to reveal a gorgeous message!

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Maura A.

Photo Credit: Room Maura Aleardi

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