November 3, 2014

DIY French Bulletin Board

fabHey, everyone! School has been in session for a few months now, and I’m sure you’ve already made so many memories! It would be totally wrong not to “capture the moment”—I bet you’ve snapped a few selfies with your friends and family—so what better way to revisit your happy memories than to create a photo board? I found this nifty idea on when looking for a new project to do the other day. With this physical board you can print and hang your photos and any other little memories to go along with them. The board could also add a little decoration to your room! Choose any theme you’d like.

Here’s What You’ll Need
Any size canvas
Fabric—enough to cover your canvas
Batting—rough, somewhat fluffy white fabric filler. If you aren’t sure, ask a craft supply store associate for help!
Staple gun*
Needle and Thread*

*Our younger Art-Zee friends should ask an adult for help. Safety first!

Here’s How You Do It
1. Lay out your batting and trim the edges, leaving just enough to fold over the back.
2. Fold the edges of your batting over, pull tight, and staple them down. Space out the staples every four to six inches. If the staples stick out, tap them down with a hammer.
3. Lay your fabric facedown under the batting-covered board and repeat steps one and two. Save any large scraps for another project later.
4. Add the ribbon by placing it diagonally down on the canvas and stapling it to the back. Continue placing diagonally until the board is covered in one direction. Just eyeball the spacing to every few inches. Then go across the opposite way diagonally until your board is covered.
5. Finally, sew on the buttons where the pieces of ribbon meet. This part will take a bit of time, but it really brings the board together.

Just add in your photos and mementos, and you’re all set! Hang wherever you’d like!

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Enjoy the memories!


Photo Credit: Fabulessly Frugal


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