November 21, 2014

Dinner Decor

decorThis week’s art project is one that will really come in handy for Thanksgiving and any other big dinner you might have coming up! So, now that you have your dinner menu laid out—complete with the main course, appetizers, side dishes, dessert, and drinks—how do you decorate?! Well, here are a few ideas to help decorate your dinner table with a “harvest” theme!

The best part about this is that you can place the items on your table based on the size and amount of space available. (PS Don’t forget to leave room for your dishes and guest plates.)

What You’ll Need
Mini pumpkins
2–3 sets of tall, small clear votive candles—three different heights—or tan candles
Tea lights
Orange, dark green, and deep red transparent gem fillers*
Fall flowers—choose any you like but definitely include sunflowers!
2–3 small or medium vases
Gourds or a cornucopia, squash—you can also use a tiny wicker basket
Red and green grapes, apples, and pears
Acorns, vines, and leaves

Ideas and Tips on How to Arrange Your Decorations

Before we begin, consider this:
1.   If your table is long, arrange your decorations along the length so as not to shorten the appearance of the table. This could make the table look cluttered or stocky.
2.  If your table is short, square, or round, evenly place your decorations throughout the space.

1.  Take three votives, each a different length, and place them in two–three groups, depending on how many you need.
2.  Fill the bottom third of the votives with orange, green, or red—or a mixture of all three—gem colors.
3.  Fill the votives with water (about two thirds full).
4.  Place tea light on the surface of the water.
5.  You can add a little flare by tying earth-colored ribbons around the votives at the water line.

Vines and Foliage
1.  You can use fake, green, or brown vines and bright fall leaves through the center or in two lines along the length of the table. Flexible vines are better.
2.  Randomly place the leaves around the vines and acorns, alternating sides in groups and individually.

1.  If using a cornucopia or a tiny wicker basket, stuff it halfway and then fill, spill, and surround it with red and green grapes, red and green apples, and acorns. If not using a cornucopia or a basket, use a medium-size gourd and layer the remaining contents at a downward angle.
2.  If your dishes are on the table, place two of these displays on either side of your main course. Or, if your food will not be on the table, face the displays slightly toward one another and place a small flower arrangement in between them.

1.  Use any small arrangement of fall flowers.
2.  Cut the stems so that the flowers hover around the rim of the short- or medium-size vases.
3.  Mix in one or two sunflowers.

Alternate between flower and candle arrangements. Get creative!

*Gem fillers and many of these items can be found at a local arts and crafts supply store.

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Go and be ArtZee!


Photo Credit: Architecture Media


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