November 3, 2014
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Denmark Cuts Costs on Electricity

c-Flickr-member-SirPecanGum-385x250In the US we consume a lot of electricity—just like anywhere else in the world, and everyone’s household pays a different bill each month, depending on how much electricity was used. Whether the bill is high or low, it’s typically based on a standard overall cost to provide the energy, but what if we could lower the cost to provide electricity?

It was recently reported that Denmark is continuing to derive power from renewable sources, specifically wind power. Wind power is now the cheapest form of electricity in Denmark. Last year one third of the country’s electricity came from wind power and resulted in lower costs. Government officials hope it becomes the long-term and stable energy resource of the future for countries around the world.

While this may be news in Europe, it is still important to realize that the change could also happen one day in the US. In the meantime, what are you doing to keep electricity costs down in your house? For tips, check out “Go Green with Jasper”!

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 Photo Credit: Flickr member SirPecanGum

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