October 26, 2014
Ask Ally

Dear Ally, My parents have been arguing over so many things lately, and I’m getting really scared about them. I try to help them out by talking to them about it, but talking seems to just make it worse. Is it my fault? What should I do? —Just Trying to Help

Dear Just Trying to Help,

Ah, my parents sometimes do the same thing. I know that they love each other so much, but sometimes they fight a lot and—you’re right—it is scary. Just understand that your parents are probably trying to let off some steam if they’ve had a bad day or if they are feeling stressed over other things. Just like you and I, I think that parents get upset and sometimes yell or say things they honestly don’t mean. It is important that you don’t think they are mad at you—it is definitely not your fault. And even though it is amazingly awesome that you are want to help them out, sometimes your parents just need to figure things out themselves. It might be because one parent or both just lost their temper or they aren’t feeling their best, but it isn’t your job to referee. Just remember: it is not your fault. Good luck!





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