September 28, 2014
Ask Ally

Dear Ally, I really like this guy, and all my friends are telling me to start dating him! Even though we both always have fun together in class and everything, isn’t it too soon to start dating? Am I too young? -Confused About My Crush

Dear Confused About My Crush,

First off, you shouldn’t have to worry about what your friends say about you and this guy! The answers to all your questions are totally up to you and how you genuinely feel about him. . . . Just be sure not to start dating him just because your friends are pushing you into it—trust me, if you really like this guy and he is into you, too, then you don’t have to worry about what your friends say, but you should at least have a conversation with your parents to make sure they are comfortable with you dating at your age or the whole situation could get pretty weird! Just be sure you feel comfortable while you are around him. If you feel that it is too soon to start dating, then you should just start with hanging out with him more often than usual—instead of rushing into the whole crazy world of dating. See how he makes you feel, and if both of you feel that you are ready and willing, then you can start dating. Good luck! I know you’ll make the right decision!!

Au Revoir For Now,


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