November 18, 2014
Ask Ally

Dear Ally, I have a boy problem. See, I like this one guy, and when he’s around, I don’t really now how to act or what to say, and I go blank. Usually, when girls try to get a guy to like them, don’t they dress up, try to be popular, and all that stuff? Should I be like that? What do I do? —Boy Problem

Dear Boy Problem, the best thing to do is always be yourself! I know feelings can get confusing when you like someone as more than a friend, but if they like you too, it’s most likely for who you really are. If you change to try to impress him, he may not notice you for you anymore. Wear what makes you comfortable, say the things you used to say that made you become friends in the first place, and just know that popularity isn’t as important as it seems. He should like you for who you really are—not who he may want you to be. You shouldn’t have to worry about impressing a guy. Just have fun and be yourself, and it will all work out!


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