July 9, 2015
Around The World

Changing Perspectives


Photo from Photomed

Most of the time, people view countries and certain places in the world through only one outlet: the news. This can be damaging to these countries because the news doesn’t always broadcast the positive things happening. In fact, usually the news only broadcasts the terrible things happening. However, a group of photographers are beginning to change that.

Focusing on the Mediterranean, a group of photographers named Photomed are photographing areas and people of the Mediterranean in a positive light. They are exposing the area to a new kind of reputation.

This group makes me so happy and excited for a future of change because I believe that Photomed can change the way people view other countries, and open the world up to new ideas and new places. I hope that they travel even more around the world to new places, and continue to expand our knowledge about our fellow Earth-mates.

Read more about Photomed and see their amazing photos here!

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Maura A.

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