July 24, 2015
Brookdale Beat

Celebrity Instagram of the Week: Joe Jonas


I love browsing Instagram for new celebrity pages to follow. I recently discovered a great account that is hilarious: Joe Jonas. Whenever I’m bored or feeling sad, I just go to Joe’s page and look at his posts. They immediately cheer me up and make me lol. I like his account because he doesn’t have any sponsored posts, like some other celebrities do. It’s purely Joe. He posts photos of what he’s doing, how he’s feeling, or just of whatever he feels like posting. Go check it out. I guarantee you will fall on the floor laughing!

Check out Joe’s Instagram and tell me what you think on Twitter @MackenzieBlue using the hashtags #ZeesInstaCelebs #BrookdaleBeat #ZeeLovesJoeJonas #JoeJonasInstagram

Maura A.

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