Recycling As Art

Have fun while saving the planet and turn your recyclables into artwork! Here are some really cool ways to do it! Wall Art   Photo from Babble Materials: Various pieces of paper (preferably that are colorful – magazines, construction paper, etc) SuperGlue A large board (this can be any kind of board, but make sure […]

A Bright Idea

Photo from Pexels Turning the lights off more often is a great way to save energy. But, now you can save energy while the lights are on! LED light bulbs are the way to go when it comes to efficient lighting. They use way less energy than regular light bulbs and are even more efficient […]

Take Advantage of Nature

Photo from Wikimedia It’s always a good time to help the environment! I have come up with a few ways to protect the green and actually use it to your advantage! Wash Your Car In The Rain Instead of wasting water from the sink or a hose, let nature run its course and use rainwater […]

Go Green When You’re Doing Laundry!

Laundry detergents often are not 100 percent safe for both you and the environment, so it’s important to pay attention to what you are washing your clothes with. Chlorine bleach is toxic to humans, and can create other harmful byproducts when flushed down the drain. You can try to avoid using these potentially dangerous chemicals […]

Reuse Your Clean Shower Water

Unless you prefer to take cold showers, I’m guessing you let your shower run for a few minutes after you turn it on so the water can heat up. Why waste that clean water? Put a bucket in your shower and let the cool water collect until the shower is warm enough to use. You […]

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies!

Between kitchen cleaners, window cleaners, and bathroom cleaners, we seem to be using a ton of chemicals in our homes. That’s why it’s a great idea to use nontoxic, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, like these Simple Green cleaners ( You can get everything from all-purpose cleaners to car wash fluids that are biodegradable and very safe […]

Plant More Trees!

This might be a long-term goal, but it’s nevertheless an important one. Planting more trees around your home will not only make everything prettier, but the trees will have energy-efficient roles as well. This works because the leaves shade your home from the sun during the summer, and in the winter, when the leaves have […]

Ditch the Grocery Bags!

Paper or plastic—they are both so last year! Why take home grocery bags that you are never going to use again? Next time you visit the store, bring your own reusable grocery bags, like these flip & tumble bags that come in a ton of cool colors. Plus, the bag rolls up into a ball […]

Get a Reusable Water Bottle

Even though buying water bottles on the go is convenient, they also use up a lot of plastic. Invest in a cool reusable water bottle, like one of Sigg’s lightweight aluminum bottles that come in awesome designs (

Increase the Green!

Going green is all about getting closer to nature. One way to bring that into your home is to get more plants. Having more plants around will give your home fresher air, remind you that you’re eco-conscious, and help you with décor! Photo Credit: Lowe’s