Meredith Fineman

Have you ever felt like sometimes, the best part of your day is when someone lifts your spirits? Well, meet Meredith! She runs a company called FinePoint, which began as a public relations firm but now focuses on working with people in leadership. Meredith’s company helps people in business – especially women – with their […]

Ellen Gustafson

This week we are taking a sneak peek into the life of the fantabsome Ellen Gustafson. She is a sustainable food activist who has used her entrepreneurial skills to create and partake in a lot of cool projects, like Food Tank, the 30 Project, Change Dinner, and Health Class 2.0. One of her coolest projects […]

Rakia Reynolds

Hey, girls! This week I want to tell you about this awesome girl Rakia. She has her very own public relations agency and has actually been on TV—how cool is that! Rakia is also a mom, which makes everything she does ten times more impressive. Keep reading to find out more awesome facts about Rakia. […]

Erica Domesek

When it comes to making, creating, and DIY-ing, I always turn to my girl Erica. She is so good at creating unique, crafty things. I check her website every single day to see what new idea she has thought up. Check out all my favorite things about Erica! What is one secret you have never […]

Super Star Beyonce

You guys know that I just can’t get enough Beyonce!  I have every single album and I’d kill at a Beyonce Karaoke Contest. She’s just the ultimate. She’s the perfect person for my first Girl Crush of the week. In this column I’ll interview some of my idols – from celebs to entrepreneurs I admire […]