Taco Dip

One of my favorite snacks on a cool fall evening is taco dip! It’s perfect for a weekend movie night with friends! It’s so tasty and filling, and it’s actually not that bad for you. At least it’s better than fried food or doughnuts! Okay, so this is my special recipe! Ingredients: Beef (substitute with chicken […]

Something crisp and fresh to add to the heat of your summer BBQ

Add this classic summer snack to your BBQs and cookouts! Whether you’re sitting by the pool or hanging out on your porch with family and friends, this veggie tray is the perfect addition to your outdoor meal. It’s a quick and healthy way to get the nutrition you need while also enjoying the variety of […]

Green Is Good!

Ever feel hot and hungry at the same time? Thirsty and tired? Well, one of my favorite daily recipes for warm weather is a fruit and veggie smoothie that cools me down, fills me up, and gives me a boost of energy! For some reason, we always think healthy drinks have to be gross—kind of […]