Color Squad

Amazing things are happening in Austin, Texas! Creative Action is an organization devoted to inspiring kids and teens artistically, academically, and emotionally. It has so many different in-school and after-school programs that allow students to grow and learn in creative ways. Today I want to focus on Color Squad, one of its many after-school opportunities. […]

Girls Leadership Institute

What could be better than an academy dedicated to empowering girls? Girls Leadership Institute (GLI) holds workshops throughout the country in places such as California, Colorado, New Jersey, and New York. These workshops are based around teaching girls how to become strong and confident leaders in their communities. There are also Parent & Daughter workshops, […]

Change Typeface to Save Money

You will not believe what this kid figured out just by playing around with some fonts. Suvir Mirchandani, eighteen, decided in middle school that he wanted to decrease the amount of money his school was spending on flyers. He told CNN, “Ink is two times more expensive than French perfume by volume.” After coming to […]

Little League, Big Stars

Little League, Big Stars: There was nothing little about the 2014 Little League games! Two girls showed their ultimate girl power while leading their respective teams to success and pride. One of them is Mo’Ne Davis of Philadelphia, a showstopping pitcher whose flowing braids obscure her jersey name and number but whose three-hit shutout Sunday […]

Sweet Bee Sisters

Next time you and your sisters want to have a lemonade stand or bake sale, check out these girls for some tips! Lily, Chloe, and Sophie Warren started a beeswax business, selling homemade lip balm and lotion bars. When Lilly, the oldest sister, was just eight years old, she started the business Sweet Bee Sisters. […]