9-Year-Old Millionaire

We all wish we could become millionaires overnight. Well, this kid did it! Evan from the YouTube channel EvanTubeHD started his channel four years ago with his father. The duo has raked in over $1 million so far and there is more to come! In his videos, Evan reviews new toys and video games that […]

Saving Haiti

Photo from Flickr user IUCNweb U.S.A soccer player Jozy Altidore is spending his time off the field fighting toward one goal: water for Haiti. At the age of 19, the athlete started the Jozy Altidore Foundation. It’s is so awesome. It helps kids all across America become successful in all aspects of their lives. Jozy has […]

The Giving Keys

Photo from Flickr user Kate Williams Who knew that jewelry could be so powerful? Actor and singer Caitlin Crosby started to change what it means to give back when she wore a hotel key around her neck. She had already been traveling the country taking photos of people with signs that read “Love Your Flaws” […]

Taylor Swift Strikes Again!

We all know T. Swift is a fabulous and ridiculously inspiring role model, but we didn’t know she could be this inspiring. One man lost 425 lbs. out of pure motivation and inspiration from the music goddess herself.  Just by working out every day, while blasting his T. Swift playlist, Ronnie Brower went from 675 […]

Nick Mara Reaches Out

I’ve always been really big on community service. I love making others happy and helping people out in times of need or when it’s not expected. This past year I’ve linked up with a company called DoSomething.org. It hosts campaigns everyone can be a part of. Some of my favorites have been “Teens for Jeans,” which includes running […]

Giving Back for the Holidays

1. Nursing and Retirement Homes Volunteer to bring homemade gifts to your local nursing or retirement home. But don’t just drop everything off and leave; stay for a little while! Everyone will enjoy your company, and you might just make some new friends. 2. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter—and bring a little something extra! […]

GMA’s “Thank You, America!”

This Thanksgiving Day evening, November 27, 2014, Good Morning America news anchor Robin Roberts will shine a light on the spirit of gratitude. “Thank You, America!” will feature a sanitation worker who, along with his wife, founded a food pantry that feeds the homeless; a couple who has foster parented more than ninety children over […]

Lights On Afterschool

What are you up to after school? The Afterschool Alliance has launched this really cool project called Lights On Afterschool. The goal of the Alliance is to make sure kids all over the country have access to “affordable quality afterschool programs.” I don’t know about you, but considering the fact that both of my parents […]

US Theme Parks Entertain for Halloween

Have you ever gone to a theme park for Halloween or during the Halloween season? If not and you’re a horror fanatic, you’re seriously missing out! Halloween has been considered the second largest holiday—after Christmas—to soak up all our money, but at least we get a real thrill! Theme parks are already filled with thrills, […]

NFL: Think Pink!

Every year, for the majority of the nation, the fall signifies the beginning of football season, with October representing Breast Cancer Awareness! I’m sure you’ve seen all the pink incorporated into the games, from the players’ uniforms to the end zones—and sometimes even the game ball! The NFL partners with the American Cancer Society to […]