P.S. I Made This… Lace Trim Shorts
P.S. I Made This… Floral Perfume Bottle
Frilly Flip Flops

Photo from Pinterest user: LeeAnn Fink Flip-flops are my go-to shoe in the warmer seasons. They’re super easy to put on and definitely comfortable. But, sometimes they can be a little boring to wear. So, I have discovered a new way to amp up your boring flip-flops! First, find an old or cheap pair of […]

Summer Room Decor

I love changing my room décor with the seasons, especially summer. I love to add bright colors and gorgeous pastels. I think it totally brightens up the room and my mood! Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds! Doorknob Wall Hanger Photo from The Budget Decorator This one is super fun and easy. Just […]

Summer Shades

One of my favorite things about summer is wearing sunglasses! I love getting a bunch of different colors and styles and matching them to my different outfits. A great way to save money and still have really cool shades is to make your own, which I do all the time. I will show you how! […]

P.S. I made this Jewelry Plaque

Already checked off all of your New Year’s resolutions? Kisses and kudos to you…but that means it’s time for a new challenge: Get. Organized. And we don’t mean refolding all of those balled up vintage t-shirts in the middle drawer…sometimes the best way to maintain order is by putting your precious collectibles on display for […]

Mini Emoji Pumpkins

  These Mini Emoji Pumpkins are a perfect DIY for this Halloween. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost much as at all. Be sure to grab a couple of your friends and make your favorite emoji on these mini pumpkins! . Here’s what you’ll need: 1) Mini Pumpkins 2) Paint Marker 3) Black Marker 4) Red […]

P.S. I made this…iPad Clutch

Welcome to Stripe City: The global destination for horizontal, linear, and colorful eye-candy.  This perfect storm combinesunexpected and breezy bold stripes with the hues we are seeing all over the runways.  Prada is clearly the front runner with their SS11 collections.  Prada’s designs use a bevy of bold colors donned on dresses, handbags, and shoes.  Their palette of […]

P.S. I made this….Statement Ring

It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that bling. When it comes to sparkle, the answer is always bigger, better, MORE…and with Swarovski Crystals on hand, we don’t have to stop at over the top. Recreate the dazzle of a timeless vintage cocktail ring with your own personal touch in no time at all! To create: Remove ceralun* from wrapping. Use […]

P.S. – I made this… Splatter Necklace

Whether you’re a Jackson Pollock aficionado or couldn’t get enough of Spin Art as a kid, there’s no denying the positive impact of colorful and energetic splatters of paint. Add an unexpected addition to your outfit with jewelry inspired by designer Tom Binns‘ splatter-effect Spring 2013 collection. This artistic wow-factor will makes you want to celebrate and paint the town. So bring […]