Time for Manicures!

Hey, girls! Planning a night in? What could be more fun than doing manicures for you and your friends? Even if you aren’t into all the crazy colors, designs, and embellishments, manicures are for everyone! It helps you practice good nail hygiene, since one of the first steps is cleaning your nails. And you can […]

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

BOO! Here are a few Halloween makeup tutorials for you to scare the pants off everyone! First up is my favorite: a video of the Mystique makeup application from the new X-Men movie! Mystique from X-Men Makeup Transformation by dope2111: The Zombie Look Simple Zombie Makeup Tutorial with normal makeup by ClaireCannotFly: Gamora from Guardians […]

Natural Ways to Even Your Skin Tone

As an athlete I continue to get tan lines year-round—even when it’s cold! The sun is still shining, so I’m still getting awkward tan lines, specifically on my forehead from my sweatband! Eventually it looks like I have uneven skin tone, so I went searching for a way to even it out since I don’t […]

Plummy Purples

With fall finally here, I wanted to find something a little more dramatic than my ordinary natural look, and I always go on YouTube when I’m looking to do something different than my normal makeup routine. Unfortunately, makeup products can be so expensive, but I was happy when one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus […]

Hot Hair Colors for Fall

Are you inspired by the epic beauty of Mother Nature that is fall? It almost feels like the earth just glows with vibrant colors, from the beautiful deep gold, orange, red, and green leaves to the lovely blue sky. I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to spruce up my wardrobe and […]

The Natural Makeup Look

Hey, girls! Ever plan to wear a cute but casual outfit and then don’t know what to do about your makeup? Often we take away from our relaxing look by overdoing our makeup. Instead try a subtler, more natural look! Here are a few basic products I use to make my face match my cute […]

Overnight Beauty Tips

Hey there, sleeping beauties! I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “getting our beauty sleep,” but I thought it was time to take it to a whole new level. These tips and tricks are perfect for a girl to get the rest she needs and wake up feeling like her best, beautiful self! Starting from […]

Glasses Glamour

Having glasses does not mean you can’t show off your bright, sparkling eyes. Use the images above as guides for which fashion tools to collect to make your makeup pop. Once you’re done, you can show off the shine behind those spectacles. Soon everyone’s going to wish they had glasses just like you! Show me […]

Autumn Scarves

I’m so excited it’s scarf season! There’s no better way to accessorize in the fall than rocking the newest and cutest scarves. It’s an easy and effortless way to add some flair to your outfit before leaving the house. There are so many different colors and styles of scarves this year to choose from, it’s […]

Favorite Fall Nail and Lip Colors

Hi, everyone! I am getting super-excited for fall this year because I cannot wait to go back to school and see all my friends. So, I am getting together all of my nail and lip colors to choose which ones I will wear on the first day back. I wanted to share with you some […]