3D Hand

This is honestly so fun and way easier than I thought it would be! You can draw your hand so it looks 3D! All you need to do is trace your hand, and then draw straight lines across the entire page—except when you get to the outline of your hand. Then just draw a curve […]

Crayon Waterfall

I’ve wanted to try this project for so long, and I finally gave it a shot! It’s easy, fast, and gives instant artsy results! All you have to do is use hot glue to affix crayons to canvas paper (without the dark browns and blacks, of course) and then hot blow-dry them until they shimmer […]

Beach Themed Party Favors

Summertime is always packed with tons of fun sleepovers, barbecues, and parties!  My friend’s mom is getting married this summer, so I got to make the party favors for her beach-themed bridal shower! I made a “beach-to-go” votive candle for the guests, complete with shells, rocks, water, and different sand colors! Making the candles took […]