Not Your Typical Journey To Success

Photo from Wikipedia You HAVE TO read this story! I can’t believe everything this kid went through to get to L.A. He came all the way from Guatemala just so he could have a better chance in life. He walked many miles and traveled across a river, and now he has found his place at […]

Fighting Gender Violence with and iPhone App

Photo from Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action iPhone apps are reaching a whole new market in Mumbai. The Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action has started a program called The Little Sister Project to help women combat gender violence in Mumbai. They provide women with an iPhone that contains an app called […]

One Small Step for Carli, One Giant Leap for Women

As a soccer fanatic myself, I was religiously watching the World Cup the other week. That thing is no joke in my house. I could not have been more proud of my fellow girls! #GIRLPOWER Each of the women on the U.S. team has worked unbelievably hard all season and it totally paid off. I […]

Changing Perspectives

Photo from Photomed Most of the time, people view countries and certain places in the world through only one outlet: the news. This can be damaging to these countries because the news doesn’t always broadcast the positive things happening. In fact, usually the news only broadcasts the terrible things happening. However, a group of photographers are […]

Unlocking Love

Photo from Wikipedia I can’t believe it, but the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris is being taken down! If you don’t know this bridge, it’s a small bridge in Paris reaching across the Seine River. It holds the thousands of love locks placed on the bridge’s walls by lovers for years.  Today, so many […]

10 Year-Old Genius

Have you heard about Esther Okade? She is so incredible I can’t even believe it! She is just 10 years old and is actually going to college in England. She loves math and her dream is to open up a bank, which she expects to do by age 15. She told CNN that she loves […]

Feminism Is the New Black

The fight for feminism has been sweeping the nation and has celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Cate Blanchett taking a stand. Recently, Emma Watson spoke at the United Nations promoting her campaign, HeForShe. Her speech went viral and  has empowered men and women all over the world to join the fight for […]

It’s all About Giving!

It’s All About Giving! Now we are officially right around the corner from Thanksgiving Day and, while you think about turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, we also want you to remember that the ultimate purpose of the day is to give thanks in any way you can. So, this week on Around the World, we […]

Denmark Cuts Costs on Electricity

In the US we consume a lot of electricity—just like anywhere else in the world, and everyone’s household pays a different bill each month, depending on how much electricity was used. Whether the bill is high or low, it’s typically based on a standard overall cost to provide the energy, but what if we could […]

Halloween History Around the World

In the US, Halloween is a time for kids and adults alike to dress up and be whoever or whatever they want for a night—and collect candy in bags or crafty little buckets. Take a look below to see how Halloween was celebrated around the world ages ago! Xoxo, Missy