November 7, 2014

Abstract Paintings

A lot of people want to try painting but have no idea where to start. What better theme to experiment with than abstract? The painting doesn’t have to be perfect—it can be anything you want it to be. You can explore and play around with different scenarios of abstract from landscapes and repetition to just random splashes of color.

Choose your size canvas and choice of acrylic paint colors.

Here are a few different techniques to try on your canvas:
*Be sure to cover your work area with plastic! This project can get messy. You may need goggles, too. . . . Safety first!

Fling paint: Dip a large brush in the color of your choice and fling the brush toward the canvas with a throwing motion.

Drip puddles: Lay your canvas flat, and add different sizes of thin paint “puddles” (you may need to thin the paint with water a little so it runs).

Straight lines: Attack your canvas with a series of random or strategic straight lines of various widths and lengths.

Free-form shapes: Fill in your spaces with color blocks varying in size and consisting of both angles and curves.

Angles: Add open-ended lines with multiple angles throughout.

Geometric shapes: Deliberately choose your shape, but not the size or placement.

Curvy lines: Let the canvas move you and your brush! The curvier the better!

Here is an awesome abstract painting by Elizabeth Chapman. I just love the light colors and playful lines!


Here is a video for a few more fun tips on how to work your canvas!
*All the tools mentioned can be found in economical plastic versions. Ask your customer service associate at your local art supply store!

Let us see your artwork! Send it to for a chance to have it featured right here in Chloe’s Corner!

Good luck!


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