About Us

Hi guys and welcome to MackenzieBlue.com!

The Mackenzie Blue series started in 2009 with the release of our first book and now we are prepping for our fifth book to be released this month! Over the years, we have seen the series evolve into a sort of guide for girls all over the world. These girls reached out to us with questions about so many different things, which is why we decided to bring all of them together through a new site.

We created MackenzieBlue.com so that we can bring you all the latest news in tween fashion, style, beauty, entertainment and more. We want to provide the best for you guys, so we decided to re-launch a new and improved site in June of 2014. Here, you will find information on Zee’s life and thoughts, the most updated tween news, and fun activities that we hope you’ll enjoy. If you want even more, feel free to sign up for our e-newsletter and you’ll receive many more tips and advice from Zee herself.