December 12, 2014

A Few of Nick’s Favorite Things

nicksfavoritesIt’s the holiday season- a time to be with family and appreciate all of your favorite people, places and things! Here are some of Nick Mara’s favorites!

A few of Nick’s Favorite Things:

1. Eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
2. Getting into bed with cold sheets
3. Laughing with my brothers
4. Pranking my friends
5. Devouring cheese

A few of Nick’s Favorite Places:

1. The Studio
2. My bed
3. The shower
4. Driving in the car
5. Italy

A few of Nick’s Favorite People:

1. God
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Michael Jackson
4. Usher
5. Martin Luther King

What are some of your favorites this holiday season? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter @MackenzieBlue or Instagram @MackenzieBlueSeries using the hashtags #MackenzieBlueWithNickMara #NickMara #MackenzieBlue #MackenzieBlueBTW #NickMarasFavoriteThings #MyFavoriteThings #HolidaysWithMackenzie #HolidaySeason

Nick Mara
Maura A.

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