July 31, 2015
Extra! Extra!

9-Year-Old Millionaire


We all wish we could become millionaires overnight. Well, this kid did it! Evan from the YouTube channel EvanTubeHD started his channel four years ago with his father. The duo has raked in over $1 million so far and there is more to come! In his videos, Evan reviews new toys and video games that have recently come out, showing kids what the toy or game includes and giving his opinion. He also does a lot of tag videos such as the Chubby Bunny Challenge and the Bean Boozled Challenge.

I am stunned at Evan’s success and can’t believe he has come so far since his first video. I look forward to seeing what he becomes – he is only 9 years old!

Read more about Evan here.

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Maura A.

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