July 27, 2015
Style 101

3 Ways to Amp Up Your Look

Some mornings I am just way too tired to put any effort into what I look like. But, I still want to look as fashionable as I can! So, I’ve come up with some fool-proof ways to amp up your look on any day, for any occasion!

1. Nails

Having polished nails will immediately enhance your look. Even if they aren’t painted, make sure they are filed and shined! Having beautiful nails is a key to looking effortlessly fabulous.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry, while it may seem tedious, is a crucial part of any outfit. A statement necklace or layered bangles can really make your look sparkle. I have one go-to necklace that never fails me!

3. Lip Color

Color is a great way to bring your style to life. I love adding color to my lips. Some of my favorite ways to do this are with a pigmented lip-glosses like the NYX Butterglosses, or with a liquid lipstick like the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar.

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Maura A.

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