April 17, 2015
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10 Year-Old Genius

Photo from pixabay.com

Photo from pixabay.com

Have you heard about Esther Okade? She is so incredible I can’t even believe it! She is just 10 years old and is actually going to college in England. She loves math and her dream is to open up a bank, which she expects to do by age 15. She told CNN that she loves being in college because she is learning her favorite math topics in class, but it’s still easy for her. 

In addition to attending college, Esther is also writing math workbooks ca lled “Yummy Yummy Algebra.” I definitely want to get her books; they sound so fun! 

I’m amazed at all that Esther has accomplished and plans to accomplish in the future. She’s so inspiring and makes me want to jump-start my own career! I’m in such a creative mood now!

Read more about Esther here.

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Maura A.

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